KAPOMI’s research, studies and evaluations examine processes, practices, and outcomes to improve, understand, and enhance impact of sectoral activities of the economy across functions, ministries, departments, institutions, agencies, or systems

Evidence is critical to shaping public policy and business direction. In other words, good information underlies strategic thinking and effective decision-making. We offer both desk research and survey research services using various methods. We have expertise in all stages of research. Our research design, results and reports are qualitative. 

KAPOMI develops and shares knowledge by creating research-based tools, frameworks, and resources that support knowledge-sharing, community building, knowledge-driven decision making, and continuous learning practices

Our understanding of the public and private sector helps to root research findings in a broader context. Engagements include research working with policy makers, program managers, business leaders, employers, employees, newcomers, youth, and the use of sensitive information                                   .

Our research approach melds quality in conceptual design, high standards in execution with the need for ‘real world’ conclusions and recommendations.

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