Networking is a key aspect of KAPOMI’s operation, and its goal is to harness the skills and talents within and outside of Africa (especially Africans in diasporas) and form a pool of skills among millions of Nigerians abroad.

Networking and affiliations is another vehicle for research, advocacy and capacity building activities of the Initiative. We, at the Initiative have an understanding of the enormous impact networking has on the outputs and decision making of the policy makers. Therefore, networking can advance policy agendas. Policy Strategies and Solutions provide strategic support to launch new or reinvigorate existing coalitions. As a result, coalitions develop goals, stay on course and achieve their objectives. Our networking strategies include:

·         Advising on the development of short- and long-term strategic plans

·         Evaluating political and policy climates

·         Coordinating coalition activities

  • Identifying potential partners
  • Cultivating partnerships
  • Maintaining the forward progress of coalitions
  • Developing timely solutions to obstacles
  • Creating high-quality support materials
  • Providing on-demand strategic advice and consulting
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