KAPOMI provides research, evaluation, and training services in public policy to clients in public sector agencies at the national and sub-national and the non-profit sectors of the Nigerian economy                                                                             .

This program area undertakes work throughout the policy cycle, from problem identification, advice on policy formulation and strategy development, through to support for policy implementation, evaluation and impact assessment.

Our approach to policy development and analysis is driven by a strong interest in improving social and economic conditions through better informed public policies.

Policy development and analysis typically involve aspects of other services like Research, Evaluation and Strategic Planning. Having realized the importance of communication, and in line with the mission of KAPOMI to bridge the gap between research and policy making, KAPOMI employs a variety of mechanisms and works with clients to design and implement a communications strategy, prepare content, advice on knowledge management and facilitate exchange of experience.

Our Policy Development and Analysis covers all the sectors of the economy. Our activities typically involve the following:

·        Visioning

·        International Development and Social Change

·        Energy and Climate Change

·        Thought Leadership and Governance

·        Scenario Building and Trend Analysis

·        Knowledge Transfer

  • Process or implementation studies
  • Forecasting, risk-assessment, efficiency modeling
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development policy
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